Comprehensive Training – Custom and Standard Courses Available

Darby Electric believes leadership and innovation begin with proper training. Because of this understanding, we offer the following standard customer seminars. We can also design a custom course specific to your company’s requirements. To discuss the design of a customized course or to inquire about future courses, use form below or call 864-224-2131.

Darby Electric Company Training Courses

  • AC Motor Basics – An overview course including What You Can Learn from a Nameplate and How to Use an Amp Meter in Troubleshooting. 
  • Bearing Basics – Types of bearings, materials, tolerances, clearances, mounting fits, lubrication, and inspection will be taught. This seminar is geared toward first line supervisors and technicians.
  • DC Motor Maintenance – Types of DC Motors, basic diagrams, fields and compounding, interpoles and neutral, typical construction, lead number connections, direction of rotation, commutation and brush carbon grades, filming, sparking, and visual symptoms, and troubleshooting.
  • Predictive Maintenance – Preparation and implementation of a Predictive Maintenance Program includes Vibration Analysis and Electrical Testing. The results may require Alignment, Balancing, Lubrication, and Cleaning. Learn basic terms and problems associated with each discipline.

For any questions call Tony Clinkscales or Susan Hamilton at 864-224-2131

Payment Method

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